This is a 12 months practical program to develop a talented and motivated Z generation in the digital convergence field.

We offer an unbounded environment and provide a fulfilling and rewarding career. The pioneers will be the future MAker, not just a doer. We expect the pioneers can achieve Maslow's Z theory and explore your limitless potential with dmg!

We Are Hiring

  • Master degree from World Top 100/USA Top 50/TW TOP 3.
  • Business or engineering background. Specialized in business, digital spaneting, computer science or information engineering is preferred.
  • Newly graduated, up to 2 years work experience.
Pioneer Z is:
  • Ambitious
  • Proactive
  • Challenge-driven
  • Decisive
  • Influential

What We Offer

As a member of Pioneer Z, you will be a permanent partner of the dmg family from day one and take full responsibility right from the start. You are the future MAker and will challenge yourself through different responsibilities and projects. Even more, you can make your expertise to the next level and become a driving force for the industry transformation.

Take the first step and we offer you:

An environment to embrace change and inspire innovative thinking.
An opportunity to bask in your achievements and get a fast-track career.
Guaranteed package and no ceiling after 3 years.
The most exciting of all is that you can see further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants!

Apply Now

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